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B-day e-promo-kit autoresponder

Create Smart Links


DatePicker Script
(Generally not needed as it's part of the code below)

Use Above Address Header Script
(set for birthday e-promo-kit booking form)

Telephone Formatter
(set for e-promo-kits, contact, and get info pages)

Button CSS
(set for contact pages)

Validator Script
(set for e-promo-kit, contact, and get info pages)

Old Capitalization Script
(No longer needed)

Checkbox CSS
(apply to birthday confirmation)

Name Cap
(new capitalization script)

Discount Deadline
(set for b-day forms and FAQ's)

Kids Booking Request Form Validator Scripts/Error messages
(set on e-promo-kit)

Kids Info Request Validators
(set on kids info request page)

Old Kids Party Header
(no longer needed)

Default Footer Scripts for Contact/EPK Booking Forms

autoresponder template

B-day e-promo-kit autoresponder message (day 0)


General Contact Form

Birthday Booking Form

Birthday Quick Info Request

Birthday Quick Info with Age Request

General Booking Request Form

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